NECC Clinic — Abu Dhabi

The New England Center for Children® (NECC®) Clinic in Abu Dhabi, located in Masdar City, strives to contribute to this vibrant community by providing world-class services to both children and adults of determination. We offer these services which are grounded in more than 45 years of research conducted by NECC in our Clinic, in schools, or in an individual’s home in order to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


Clients who attend the NECC Clinic will receive an individualized applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment plan, which includes speech and language and occupational therapy services. All programs are developed and implemented by a team of fully trained and supervised behavior analysts, speech and language pathologists (SLP), an occupational therapist (OT) and Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBT®).

Quarterly meetings, parent/caregiver trainings, and scheduled observations take place at the Clinic.


Our home-based clients receive the recommended services in the comfort of their own homes. The home-based program is created by a supervising BCBA and implemented by a team of fully trained RBTs.

Quarterly meetings will be held at the NECC Clinic, however, parent/caregiver trainings and scheduled observations take place at home.


Clients enrolled in our school-based program receive services in their current educational placement (i.e., classroom).

The school-based program is a cooperative plan set by the supervising BCBA and the client’s education team. Though the program is implemented by the education team, session-based ABA hours by NECC RBTs and additional support are available.

Quarterly progress report meetings and/or planned observations may take place at either the NECC Clinic or at the client’s educational setting.


Please get in touch with us for further details on fees.

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Retail Unit No. RD03
Eco Plaza, Plot B11, Block D
Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


Follow the route to the parking area. Please note that the
parking is free. Once parked, walk to the exit door on the side
of the garage opposite from where you entered (located to the
right of the elevator). We are located next to the Grandiose
Supermarket, in between the supermarket and Yoga One.